File Transfer

Expecting a shiny new computer for the Holidays? Sure, its slick, has all the latest in hardware and software, but what about all the data you have collected on your old PC?

Transferring all of your data safely to your new PC without corruption or omissions can be an exercise in frustration. Just where did you put all those archived presentations? What about all of your rare MP3s? It’s enough to make your new gift seem more like a burden than a boon.

But it needn’t be. The Source is here to save you the trouble. We can transfer your data from your old PC to any new PC in a quick, efficient, and most importantly, complete manner. You don’t need  to worry where you put everything, because its going to be in the same place you left it when you boot up your new PC, folder for folder.

Spend more time enjoying your new technology and less time copying your important data to it. Call the Louisville area file transfer experts at The Source today at 270-993-2114 or contact us by email.