About The Source!

Larry is the main technician and founder of The Source. He has over 15 years of experience in computer construction, repair, tune ups , networking, web design, and search engine optimization. Before founding The Source, Larry worked as a computer technician with Dell Computers where he would make house calls to homes and businesses. (U of L, Brown Forman, US Army base). He has his A+ certification, as well as 36 Dell Certified System Expert certifications. During the years that he has worked on computers, Larry has helped to construct, repair, and troubleshoot countless systems, as well as help dozens of companies increase or maintain their visibility in search engines.

Along with hardware issues, he can also help you and your family with any software needs. If your computer is running slow or has become infected with spyware, he can help. If you have a new computer and need all of your old files transferred over, Larry has the skill and the equipment necessary to help ensure that your valuable data makes it over safely to your new computer.

Larry has been working as a search engine optimization specialist for a number of years, with a heavy focus on social media marketing. Larry has helped many brands market their products on Facebook, increased their visibility in Google, and ensured that their websites conform to search engine best practices.

When he's not working with computers, chances are Larry is still playing with them. As with his clients' systems, he believes in only the best. Currently he has numerous computer systems in his home running his entertainment, stereos and TVís, as well as a couple just for fun and games! When he's not playing on computers, Larry also does bodybuilding and fitness coaching.

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